Bootcamp 03/01/19

Warm Up:

Partner 1
Ladder Up

Body Builders 2,4,6,8,…
Deadlift (152lb barbell) 2,4,6,8…

Partner 2
400m run

Switch at the end of run, 2 rounds total. On second round ladder down from where you end up.

Work Out:

AMRAP 15min
Partner 1
Body Builders until Partner 2 is finished

Partner 2
Farmer carry 2 sandbags (30lb sandcakes) – 30m
Front rack carry 152lb barbell – 30m

Then alternate Clean & Jerk with barbell 10x (152lb barbell)

Partner 2 jogs 30m and starts Body builders.
Partner 1 Farmer carry and Front rack carry (as noted above)

AMRAP 10min
Partner 1
Shuttle run (half court, full court)

Partner 2
Deadlift hold while partner 1 runs

Then switch. On second round use a Front Rack hold.